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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Charity pot review

Charity pot hand and body lotion.
Price- 10g sample £1        240g £12.50
Verdict- awwww i so love this it smells sooo nice and it makes my hands and body smell lovely and so soft i love it.

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  1. hey i rub this on my wrists and use it as like a comforting perfume will deffo be doin this in my exams in december lol. I think it smells a tad like white chocolate and turkish delight two of the things i love. I had the sample and then brought the bigger pot.!!

    I dont know if this is true but i was told u can get 1pound off the full size pot when you take the little 1pound pot back to lush...

    I didnt have the little one on me when i brough the big one. But I can use the tin to keep filling up and carrying it round with me =) xxx by the way i subsribed to your blog cuz I love lush... my blog also has things from lush on it... Ive just done a collection video... please request a reveiw of anything u want reveiwing that u see in my collection post =)

    all the best, aimee x