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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Angels on bare skin review

price- 100g £5.50

how to use- take a pea-sized amount mix with a little water in the palm of your hand making it into a paste then massage onto face then rinse and pat dry.
 its got exfoliating ground almonds, soothing rose and lavender and cleansing kaolin improves skin texture.

verdict- ive got very sensitve skin and the nice person in the shop told me to try angels on bare skin so she gave me a sample and i love it and the nxt week i went out and brought it. im so in love with angels on bare skin after being rinsed off my skin feels so smooth and soft i give this a 10/10


  1. I have this but not used it yet as I am still using aqua marina.. which would you say is best... x

  2. hi aimee i like to use aqua marina in the winter and angels on bare skin for the summer i think that they are both good but the angels on bare skin makes my face a little bit dry x