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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

celestial moisturiser for senitive skin review

 Price- 45g £10.25

verdict- ive verry sensitive skin and i know it says for sensitive skin but i was still a little worried about using it just incase it made my skin break out. Well ive been using it now for 3wks and i can say its brillient im so in love with this moisturiser its a little bit heavy but it works for me and it smells lovely.
for anyone with sensitive skin i highley recomend this its a must for sensitve skin.


  1. I love this too ... my pot seems to be going down quite quickley though... are u using this at night and in the day... if so please let me know how ur make up sits on top of it. Im just using mine at night currently - I havent broke out eaither - mega impressed... Wish it was lightly cheaper tho maybe by around 2/3 pounds... xxx

  2. hi again aimee i did like this but after a month i had to stop using it it started to block my pores due to it being to heavy on the skin x